Sunday, September 8, 2013

Personal Progress Popcorn

About once a month I invite all the young women to come to my home and work on personal progress. I usually don't make special invitations and the night is totally optional. Next week, however, I have asked ALL of them to come because I want to talk to each of them about what they are working on for Young Women in Excellence (which is going to be totally awesome--it's already in the works).

I found the greatest popcorn handout, but it was originally produced as a thank you. You can find it here. I thought the popcorn kernel idea fit so well with personal progress, so after emailing Ellie, she gave me permission to re-create her cute handout. Thank you Ellie!
Click here for a copy in Microsoft Publisher (this will allow you to modify it).


  1. Are you sharing your handout? We have YW in Excellence coming up and that would go perfect with our theme!

  2. how do I download this and change the words? Is available for me to do that. We are having Pizza, Popcorn and PJ night for Personal Progress.

  3. How can I download it to change the words? When I click on the link it takes me to Dropbox and it won't let me edit it. It is in PDF View, so I can't edit it. Help.


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