Sunday, September 21, 2014

Taste the Rainbow--part 2

It's been a while. A long while.

WAY back in May, this is what we did for part 2 of our "Taste the Rainbow" series.

Again, we had three rotations and every girl went to each 20-minute class.

For our GOOD WORKS #1 class, each young woman created three messages of gratitude with small candies. They could then use these messages to acknowledge quiet acts of service over the next couple of weeks.

They each received a package of sticky notes (aren't these sticky notes adorable?). Hopefully they will use the sticky notes to write notes of gratitude as they acknowledge quiet acts of service.

And they put their messages and sticky notes in a bag, which was labeled with ideas of how to acknowledge quiet acts of service.

Hopefully the young women recognized that they have so many people who love and serve them every day. 

Our next class was taught by our fantastic young women president because she is a spiritual GIANT. She taught a mini class on the Young Women theme and the girls were able to pass off CHOICE AND ACCOUNTABILITY #6 that very night.

Our last class was taught by our bishop for INTEGRITY #7. He brought in several laptop computers for the young women to research how to strengthen their families.

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