Friday, May 2, 2014

Taste the Rainbow--part 1

There are lots of "Taste the Rainbow" activities floating around on Pinterest--I just had to join the party! I saw this one that was personal progress-based and so adorable. And this one that was for New Beginnings.

We had personal progress interviews last month, which prompted this activity. We've had lots of cute new Beehives join our ranks lately, so it seemed a good time to crank out a few value experiences in one night.

Here was the invite, with a small package of Skittles stapled to the back:

We had three rotations, so every girl went to each 20-minute class.

During the personal progress interviews, the one thing I heard over and over again from the young women is how difficult it is to start a two or three-week value experience and remember to keep it going. So, for FAITH #1, here's what I came up with:

I got a pillowcase for each girl, then used iron-ons to create a calendar-like thing.
At the activity, each girl got to decorate their pillowcase (here's a picture of mine--and yes, I realize faith #1 requires THREE weeks of personal prayer, not two. Good thing I figured it out before I made the rest of the pillowcases!)

I hope they will put the pillowcase on their pillow and every morning and night, will check off their prayers for that day. My bigger hope is that they will form a habit of prayer that they will find essential in life. I asked them to use the back of the pillowcase to write down all the service they recognize for GOOD WORKS #1.

The next class in the rotation was DIVINE NATURE #4. Our Elders Quorum president came and taught them how to memorize the sacrament prayers. He offered them a reward if the girls could recite the prayers by Sunday. And as long as they're doing DIVINE NATURE #4, they may as well do FAITH #4.


Our last class was INDIVIDUAL WORTH #4. The great thing about this class is the girls could finish it in one night. The teacher gave them a questionnaire with these questions:

What college do I want to go to?
What major do I want to have?
Where would I like to serve a mission?
What temple would I like to be married in?
What traits would I like in my husband? (physical, spiritual, personality)
How many children would I like to have?
What kind of mother do I plan on being?
Where would I like to travel with my family?
What fun things would I like to do with my family?
What kind of wife do I want to be?
Where do I want to raise my family?
What kind of home would I like?
How will I teach my children about my Savior, Jesus Christ?
How will I let them know that they are a Child of God?

Then we served rainbow cupcakes, recipe over at You can find the recipe here.

Looking forward to Taste the Rainbow part 2, next month.

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