Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Meet Elizabeth

Let me introduce you to my daughter, Elizabeth.
This beautiful, sweet girl earned her Young Women Medallion not once, but TWICE! She also earned her honor bee. The second time she earned her medallion, she was a senior in high school. I tell you this because if you have young women who are 16 or even 17 and think it's too late to be working on personal progress, NOT SO! In fact, maybe earning a personal progress medallion is easier the second time around because the program is familiar. We have another young woman in our ward who is also working on her second medallion!

Here's how Elizabeth did it:

She reviewed the personal progress book and highlighted every page. She highlighted scriptures to look up in blue. She highlighted actions items (talk to someone, write in journal, share testimony, etc.) in orange. Green items are time-sensitive. Yellow highlights was a personal indication of "I'm planning on doing this one." Her hand-written notes indicate that two value experiences overlap.

Most of her value projects had something to do with activities she was already involved in: Student council, community orchestra, etc. Some included new skills, like learning to knit an infinity scarf.

In this photo she is holding her new cookbook, a gift from our family. The page is opened to a recipe and picture of her with her young women president.

Last week I dropped Elizabeth off at college. Man, I miss her!


  1. Okay, that is amazing! Twice? Amazing.

  2. I know, right? What is it with you Embley women and your ambition? Heaven knows she didn't get it from me. Maybe it skips a generation...?

  3. Thank you for sharing this . I have a daughter who just turn 12. My oldest , first time for both of us to get familiar with the program, since I'm a convert. So thank you for the ideas! And congrats to your daughter !


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