Thursday, July 11, 2013

Good Works Service Project

I was assigned an extra activity in May. Hooray! I really do love planning activities. Since we've had a lot of girls going on missions from our ward, I decided it would be fun to put together packages for missionaries. My inspiration for what went into the packages came from here. The pillowcases idea was brilliant since missionaries don't like a lot of extra "stuff" to carry around from transfer to transfer.

Our ward currently has four missionaries in the mission field.

1. At one station, the girls wrote their testimony in a Book of Mormon. My hope is that the missionary will give the book to a young woman who is investigating the gospel.

I included a photo of the girls in the Book of Mormon to personalize it a little.

2. At the next station all the girls wrote a short note to the missionary.
3. And at the last station, all the girls signed a pillowcase for the missionary with their favorite scripture on it.

I also threw in some breath mints because no one wants to hear about the gospel from a missionary with stinky breath. Lastly, I threw the missionary's favorite candy in the box before shipping the packages.

Here's the package before shipping:

The Young Women were able to count this as a Good Works value experience write-in.

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